Lenticular Filter 12" Diameter

$2,200.00 $4,195.00

Lenticular Filter 12
Lenticular Filter 12 Lenticular Filter 12 Lenticular Filter 12 Lenticular Filter 12

Introducing our 12" Lenticular Filter Housing designed for a closed system filtration process that eliminates air exposure and dripping. With the ability to hold one 12" lenticular filter module, this filter housing provides a faster and easier setup compared to plate & frame filters. Its small footprint makes it ideal for users who need to move it around the cellar.

This filter housing is configured for use with Pall SUPRAdisc II modules, but can be retro-fitted for other module brands by simply removing the center post and threading in the appropriate one. Choose from filter options ranging from 1 to 50 microns and enjoy the 38.75 ft^3 of surface area provided by each lenticular depth filter.

The 2" Sanitary connection allows for easy installation and maximum pressure of 60psi at -40ºC. Upgrade your filtration process with our high-quality lenticular filter housing. Contact us for custom sizes or additional information.


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