4" Diameter x 6" Tall Sight Spool with Optional K-Type Thermocouple Monitoring

$350.00 $500.00

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4" Diameter x 6" Tall Sight Spool, featuring 4" sanitary top/bottom connections and 2" sanitary sight glass connections. This versatile sight spool is designed for easy monitoring and temperature control, with an optional K Type Thermocouple for accurate temperature readings. Our data logger is also available for purchase to complement your sight spool. Sight Glasses sold separately.

Parameter Value
Top/Bottom Connection 4" Sanitary
Sight Glass Connection 2" Sanitary
Gasket Options Viton, Buna-N, PTFE, Tuf-Steel
Clamp Pressure Ratings 2": 1000psi, 4": 600psi


Gasket Type Temperature Range
Viton -26°C to 230°C
Buna-N -40°C to 110°C
PTFE -73°C to 204°C
Tuf-Steel -198°C to 287°C


*Note: Stainless only. Gaskets/clamps/thermocouples/sight glasses sold separately.

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N.B.Oler is American Fabricated Stainless steel, made in Bend, Oregon.

Certification is available in all Canadian provinces and U.S. states.

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