The Team

N.B.Oler is a stainless fabrication shop specializing in products for the Hemp and Cannabis industry. We offer custom design and fabrication, consultation, system sales and lab build outs. If you don't see it on our website, shoot us an e-mail, we have more products in design and testing than we have published on our page.

We are...

Nate at N.B.Oler

Nate, Owner/Founder. Nate has been welding stainless since Mac Dre was still alive. In the span of his career Nate has fixed welds for Toyota, welded stainless parts for the nuclear industry, and produced machines for the pharmaceutical industry. He founded N.B.Oler in 2015 out of a shed, and has built it into the company it is today. His passion is making hemp and cannabis products that make peoples lives better (he also enjoys golf, snowboarding and Toyota trucks). 

Brad at N.B.Oler

Brad, Senior Engineer. Brad is N.B.Oler’s data nerd and Senior Engineer. He comes to N.B.Oler by way of the pharmaceutical and aerospace industries. When not working, you can likely find Brad on a bike or a pair of skis… or nose deep in a spreadsheet gathering still more data. Brad has degrees in Mechanical and Aeronautical engineering, and a Masters of Mechanical Engineering.

Dr. Ben at N.B.Oler

Dr. Ben, PhD Chemist. Dr. Ben is our resident smart guy and question answer-er. He comes to N.B.Oler from the semiconductor industry, and in his "other life" teaches college chemistry. In his free time, you can find Dr. Ben riding bikes, brewing beer, or investigating any of the random anomalies found in everyday life. Ben has a Bachelor in Physics, Masters in Applied Physics and PhD in Physical Chemistry.

 Alex at N.B.Oler

Alex, Extraction Specialist. Alex is happiest in the lab, making the tastiest hash and brainstorming new and creative ways to utilize cannabis. He is a terpene enthusiast and loves helping people succeed 


Austin at N.B.Oler

Austin, Shop Foreman. Austin comes to N.B.Oler from the process piping industry and loves welding.  Austin is happiest making the prettiest weaves this side of your grandmother's pie crust, and digs dirt-bikes.

Rick, Intern Engineer. Rick is N.B.Oler’s first intern and engineering student at OSU obtaining his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Rick is the shop's jack-of-all-trades, and is always willing to jump in and lend a hand on almost any project. When not at school or N.B.Oler, you can likely find Rick going sideways.

Noah, Intern Engineer. Noah is N.B.Oler’s second intern, also a mechanical engineering student at OSU. Noah came to N.B.Oler from the field of HVAC, and loves CAD drafting and rendering. When Noah isn’t at work, you can definitely find him 3D printing something.

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