Benchtop Filter 10" Diameter


Benchtop Filter 10
Benchtop Filter 10 Benchtop Filter 10 Benchtop Filter 10 Benchtop Filter 10

Say goodbye to your Büchner and Hocstroms! The 10" Benchtop Filter is our answer to streamline the post winterization filtration process. Tested throughput of 6 liters per minute with heavy lipids(resuspended hydrocarbon extract) and ~38L/hr with ETOH liquor. All stainless steel fabrication and engineered design the Benchtop Filter is a piece of equipment that will last a lifetime.  

Fully cleanable with warm isopropyl alcohol and compressed air or ultrasonic cleaner.

Modular and can be setup in any configuration by adding additional filters.

N.B.Oler is American Fabricated Stainless steel, made in Bend Or.

Whats Included:

304SS 10"x 2" domed base with a 1/2" barbed drain.

316SS, 25 micron mesh welded into a short spool aka "target" filter.

304SS 10" x 6” tri-clamp hopper for loading.

BUNA-N Gaskets


1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50-micron filters available at an additional cost that are stackable and perfect for multiple layers of scrubbing media (i.e. carbon, d.e., silica). See our Tri-Clamp Filters.

304SS 10" x 12" tri-clamp hopper for loading.

Please call for lead times/availability 541-330-6409. Engineered and built in house. Expedite available with additional charges

All products are subject to a 15% restocking fee, custom orders may be subject to as high as 50%.

*Please allow two week lead time if not in stock*

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