large scale ethanol system


High Quality Stainless Equipment. 

Engineered in Bend, Oregon

stainless steel vessel


Specializing in:

Stainless Pressure Vessel Fabrication.

Made in the USA.


Pharmaceutical Grade Fabrication and Surface Finishing.

We specialize in Spray Dryers, Cyclones, Certified Welding, High Temperature Fluctuations, Chemical Compatibility.

ASME/3rd Party Engineering.

Hydrocarbon and Ethanol Extraction

Cryogenic Extraction, Filtration, SOP's, Safety & Training Documentation.

Full Laboratory Buildouts, Classified Spaces(C1D1/C1D2), Equipment Selection and Consulting.

Food Grade

Tanks, Process Piping, Rigging and Heavy Hauling.

ASME Code Work

Fabrication of Stainless U-Stamped Pressure Vessels.

Clients and Partners

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Nate is the most standup guy I have had the opportunity to work with. The efficiency of his systems and the quality of his craftsmanship are top notch!

– Ken White, Chemist @ HIFI Terpenes

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I am constantly impressed with your team and your patience with all my last minute orders!!! Developing this skid has made my job as an educator and extractor significantly easier. I appreciate you guys soooooo much!

– Murphy Murri

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Thanks you N.B.Oler for the awesome work! Safe filtration up to 750psi!

– Photon_noir

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The Benchtop works great!

– The Healing Alchemist

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The Best Custom Stainless; American Made.

Engineering and Fabrication Services in Oregon

N.B.Oler is Oregon’s premier provider of engineering and fabrication services for the brewing and pharmaceutical industries. We also design and manufacture pressure vessels and for varying purposes in multiple sizes. Whether you need filtration devices, pressure clamps, cryogenic parts, or a complete extraction system, we are your one-stop-shop. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff has more than 80 years of combined knowledge in Fabrication, Engineering and Pressure Vessel Fabrication.

N.B.Oler is run by a comprehensive team of manufacturing, engineering, chemical, and shop professionals who are passionate about producing custom solutions for our clients. We can adjust our pharmaceutical, brewing, and cannabis engineering and fabrication services for your specific application or process. Contact us today with any questions you have or to request a quote. We look forward to bringing your project to life—Oregonian style! 

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