Superlok 1/2" Quick Connect Stem with Valve

$58.84 $80.00

Superlok 1/2
  • Simple push-pull action to connect and disconnect lines-no tools required.
  • Plug and body are available valved or unvalved.
  • Valves automatically open when connected and shut off when disconnected to minimize the loss of liquids or gases.
  • Introducing a high-quality, 1/2" quick connect stem with valve from Superlok. This precision-engineered fitting is designed for easy and reliable connection and disconnection, saving you time and effort. It features a durable construction made from high-quality materials for long-lasting performance. The quick connect stem also includes a valve for quick and convenient shut-off of flow when needed. Whether you're working in industrial, chemical, or other applications, this quick connect stem with valve is an excellent choice. Trust Superlok for reliable and efficient connections.

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