Cryogenic PRV 1/4"MNPT -320F


Cryogenic PRV 1/4

The end all solution for LCO2/LN2 cooling. We have switched from Swagelok PRV's because of temperature ratings are only at -40F. These are CRV's(Cryogenic Relief Valves) that are used for all Dewars, rated down to -320F. The reason Columns implode/explode are because PRV's are not rated for cryo use, the seals freeze and do not relieve. Help us put a stop to implosions.

Introducing the Generant Cryogenic Relief Valve, the perfect solution for your cryogenic pressure relief needs. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of low temperature applications, this valve is engineered to provide reliable and safe relief of pressure buildup in cryogenic systems.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Generant Cryogenic Relief Valve is built to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. The valve is manufactured with precision and accuracy, ensuring consistent performance and dependable operation over a long service life.

This relief valve is available in a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings to suit your specific application requirements. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to install, while the user-friendly construction allows for easy maintenance and repair.

Equipped with a spring-loaded poppet and a soft seat, the Generant Cryogenic Relief Valve delivers precise and accurate pressure relief, ensuring optimal system performance and safety. The valve is designed to meet the stringent safety standards of cryogenic applications and provides reliable protection against overpressure conditions.

In summary, the Generant Cryogenic Relief Valve is a dependable, high-performance solution for your cryogenic pressure relief needs. It is built to last and engineered to perform, ensuring the safety and reliability of your cryogenic system.

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