Diamond Mine


Diamond Mine
Diamond Mine Diamond Mine Diamond Mine

With the industry progressing at such a rapid rate our main concern is safety for our customers. With the popularity of crystalline structures increasing we saw a need for a piece of equipment that would keep Chemists safe. The Diamond Mine is a stainless steel vessel to help precipitate crystalline out of solution. Rated at 75 psi with our low pressure sight(230psi with metaglas), the Diamond Mine is a safe and efficient way to refine extracts.



304SS 6” x 2” Domed Base. 750ml Volume Capacity(500ml with proper headspace).

304SS 6” Cap with Weld in Compression Fittings, Gauge (-30 in/Hg to 300 psi), 3/8 Ball Valve, all Swagelok.

2” 75psi Sight Glass.

6” Double Bolted Clamp and BUNA-N gasket included.

SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) included with purchase.


Swagelok Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve.

Spool Extension, Clamp and Gasket. (Doubles total volume to 1500ml, 1000ml with proper headspace.)

Metaglas Sight Glass(200PSI)


*Built to order- please allow two week lead time if not in stock*

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